The Sesshoumaru fanlisting was launched on May 23, 2006 ♥ This fanlisting was originally owned by Jessica, and I am so happy to be entrusted with one of my childhood crushes ♥

The title, Lord of Destruction, is inspired from Sesshoumaru's title as lord of the western lands and the meaning of his name. I originally wanted something short and clever, but I found it next to impossible to suitably describe a man of such complexity in just one word. It describes his high status and superior powers, both of which are important to Sesshoumaru.


This site currently has two skins, featuring an anime and manga version of Sesshoumaru. The main theme I was going for was elegance, as it is one of his most visible qualities. Sesshoumaru has a way of making everything look graceful and effortless, and I wanted to portray this.

Version One: featuring Anime!Sesshoumaru

You can practically feel yourself shrinking against Sesshoumaru's cold, glaring eyes in this image~ absolutely sexy! ♥ This layout was inspired from his elaborate white kimono. The image was vectored a bit, and curves were added for a touch of smoothness.

Version Two: featuring Manga!Sesshoumaru

I was trying to go for an "elegant destruction" theme for this layout. The image is from chapter 400, and as you go from left to right, the layout goes from innocent to bloody - kind of like his personality. At first glance, he may look like a harmless human, but underneath that appearance lies a merciless youkai who isn't afraid to kill at whim.


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