The Sesshoumaru fanlisting was launched on May 23, 2006 ♥ This fanlisting was originally owned by Jessica, and I am so happy to be entrusted with one of my childhood crushes ♥ I would also like to thank Shaza for recovering the members list during the adoption ♥

It is entitled Lord of Destruction, which is inspired from Sesshoumaru's title as lord of the western lands and the meaning of his name. It describes his high status and superior powers, both of which are important to Sesshoumaru.

Version 3 Fukai Mori is named after the anime's second ending theme song ♪ I was inspired by the iconic scene of Sesshoumaru gazing at his father’s tomb, and wanted to recreate that wistful yet beautiful scene with a dark and elegant design ♥


 Inuyasha & Kikyo Miroku Sango & Kirara


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